Tools and Working Methods

The foundation of our working method is a holistic view of the water and wastewater systems. In order to plan for water management in a sustainable society it is necessary to understand the systems technical structure and how it is organized, not to mention the end users perspective. The systems must also meet the criteria for environmental and health protection, economy, social aspects and technical function.

The water and wastewater systems are closely linked to the health and metabolism of the entire city and surrounding environment, thus integration with other systems such as waste management, energy supply and stormwater treatment are crucial to reach environmental objectives. An understanding beyond only the technical function is therefore a prerequisite when planning for the water and wastewater systems of the future. When the perspective on the water and wastewater enterprise is too narrow the result is always sub-optimization and short-term solutions that can jeopardize long-term sustainability.

We provide and evaluate various water and wastewater systems based on comprehensive criteria for sustainability. Our systems perspective ensures that no individual system is optimized at the expense of the whole. We work with system assessment tools and multi-criteria analyses which are always well anchored in site-specific data and up-to-date research. Read more about our tools:

Strategic Choices in Water and Wastewater Planning – StratPlan
Sustainability Assessment in Peri-Urban Transition Areas – VeVa
Substance Flow Analysis of Stormwater Pollution SEWSYS
Upstream Work for Cleaner Sludge with Source Finder SoFi